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  • Anaya Products Secure Most Perimeters

    Security Fencing Tops and Deterrents: Anti climb spikes, cost effective barrier for fences, walls, roofs and fencing gates;

    Fencing Panels: Welded mesh, chain link fence, expanded steel fence, steel palisade, razor mesh and more.

    Galvanized and Coated Steel Chain Link Mesh Fencing System

    Chain link wire mesh fabrics are used with security toppings for high security fencing uses.
    Surface Treatment: Electro galvanized, Hot-dipped galvanized, Galv.+ PVC coated.

    Powder Coated and Galvanised Chain Link Fence Panels and Rolls

    Chain link netting is supplied with posts, caps, top rails, tubular line posts and gates with the same treatment. Powder coating finishes can be pvc coated or black vinyl coated.

    Flexible Mesh Fence Panels for Temporary and Permanent ControlBlack Vinyl Coated Swimming Pool Safety Fencing: The vinyl coating adds more protection against sunlight, acid water and other outdoor factors.

    Modular Rhombic Mesh Fence, Basketball and Sports Ground Perimeter FenceModular Chain Link Fencing used as Basketball Sports Fence, Opening 2 inch in wire diameter 2.76 mm.

    Popular Rhombic Mesh / Chain Link Mesh, Plastic Coated:

    Mesh 1 INCH       -   WIRE 2.10mm
    Mesh 1.1/2 INCH -   WIRE 2.76mm
    Mesh 1.1/2 INCH -   WIRE 2.10mm
    Mesh 2 INCH      -   WIRE 2.76mm
    Mesh 2 INCH      -   WIRE 2.10mm
    Mesh 2.1/2 INCH -   WIRE 2.76mm
    Mesh 2.1/2 INCH -   WIRE 2.10mm
    Mesh 3 INCH      -   WIRE 2.76mm
    Mesh 4 INCH      -   WIRE 2.76mm

    Made with galvanized steel chainlink mesh as base material then treated with plastic coating protection layer. Galvanizing can be either electro-galv. or hot dip galvanized.

    Specification of PVC Coated Iron Chain Link Fence


    Wire  Diameter 



    40 x 40

    2.8 – 3.8

    0.5 – 5.0

    1 - 50

    50 x 50

    3.0 – 5.0

    0.5 – 5.0

    1 - 50

    60 x 60

    3.0 – 5.0

    0.5 – 5.0

    1 - 50

    80 x 80

    3.0 – 5.0

    0.5 – 5.0

    1 - 50

    100 x 100

    3.0 – 5.0

    0.5 – 5.0

    1 - 50

    Specification of Galvanized Iron Chain Link Mesh:

    Mesh Opening of Chain Link Fabric Wire Gauge (BWG) Fence Weight (kg/m2)
    1/2" 14 4.4
    3/4" 12 6.0
    3/4" 14 3.3
    3/4" 16 1.9
    1" 12 4.0
    1" 14 2.4
    1" 16 1.4
    5/4" 12 3.2
    Mesh Opening of Chain Link Fabric Wire Gauge (BWG) Fence Weight (kg/m2)
    5/4" 14 1.92
    3/2" 10 4.0
    3/2" 12 2.7
    3/2" 14 1.6
    2" 8 4.16
    2" 10 3.0
    2" 11 2.5
    2" 12 2.0

    Chain Link Fence Gates

    The gates can be custom made into a range of styles, gate height and colors. We mainly supply walk-in gates, single swing gates, double swing gate, cantilever chain link gates without roller, or with roller. Major types illustrated as below.

    Single swing chain link gate can be made with a larger opening. It is open only by ensuring there is enough space. The fence gate can be automated.

    Double swing gate can be automated. Two Swings and a down pole connected to close the gate.

    Cantilever Gate:
    This gate can also be made with automated open.

    Cantilever Chain Link Fence Gate with a roller:
    Rolling on the ground, connected to a rail fence. These doors do not automatically open, you need enough space to rollback.


    Chain Link Fence GateGate with Hinged PostFence gate with hinge post, lath post and trust rod

    Installation of Fencing Gates:
    Step 1: Install the line post and terminal posts by using of tension bands, brace bands and bolts.
    Step 2: Attach line post caps. Join the top rail with swaged end. Plain end of the top rail fits into rail end fittings on the terminal post.
    Step 3: After assembling framework as above, unroll the chain link netting fabric on the ground along the fence line starting at terminal post.
    Step 4: Then slide the tension bar through the last link in the fence fabric and attach this combination to the terminal post using tension band and bolts.
    Step 5: Adjustment of mesh netting. If more or less netting fabric is required to span the opening, an additional amount can be connected or removed.
    Step 6: The chain link fence netting shall be on the outside face of all posts and loosely attached to the top rail by a tie wire.

    Fence Posts

    Metal posts used for chain link fence can be Holland post, T post, round tube posts, peach post or square tube posts.

    Types of Posts:

    T post is also written as T bar post or American Standard Studded T Bar Post. The fence posts are divided into Euro post, American post or Australia Post according to different styles for target markets. T post can be designed with or without spades.

    T-Post can be steel fence post with Black Bitumen Coating, powder pvc coating, T-Post galvanised.

    The metal steel posts are mostly used with wire mesh fence fabrics as support parts for fencing system.

    Major finishes: hot dipped galvanized steel posts, or powder coated pvc posts with black, green and other colors.

    Billet Steel Studded T post: 

    Weight: 0.83, 0.85, 0.93, 0.95, 1.15, 1.25 and 1.33lbs 
    Painted or without paint 
    Available with spade or without spade 
    Material: rail steel and billet steel 

    Billet Steel T Post, Fence Posts for Chain Link Fence and Mesh Fences American Style Studded Metal T Bar Post, 1.33lbs

    Chain Link Perimeter Fence Systems with Security Topping

    Chain Link Mesh + Barbed Wire

    At the end of the fence column will be italic angle of 45 degrees contains 3 slots to enter Barbed wire. Also called barb wire support arms.

    PVC coated Barbed wire: thickness 3 mm after coated
    Arm angle 45 degrees: contains 3 slots to enter Barbed wire.
    Three types of barbed wire toppings according to twisting methods:
    1) single strand, 2) double strand double twisted and 3) double strand common twisted barbed wire. PVC coated or galvanized finishes.

    Airport Fence, Security FenceAnti-Climbing Barbed Wire TOPPED modular Chain Link Fence Panels

    Chain Link Net + Razor Wire Tapes

    High security chain link fence has razor wire or concertina wire tapes to reinforce the security.  Can be used for military uses.

    Chain Link Fence with Razor WireHDG Steel Fence post supported Hot Dip Galvanized Concertina Razor Coils for Chain Link Fencing Tops

    Chain Link Fence + Security Spikes

    Chain Link fabric with Razor Fencing Strips MOUNTED on top rails

    Blade security razor spikes are easy to install. Select the pre-punched holes required and fix with approximately 5 tamper-proof hammer drive zinc alloy fixers, self tap screws, blind rivets or wood screws.

    The fencing rails are galvanized with the option of powder coating in a choice of colors, providing long term protection to your security investment.

    Correctly installed on a proper structure, it provides a formidable barrier yet is aesthetically pleasing in appearance.

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