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  • Anaya Products Secure Most Perimeters

    Security Fencing Tops and Deterrents: Anti climb spikes, cost effective barrier for fences, walls, roofs and fencing gates;

    Fencing Panels: Welded mesh, chain link fence, expanded steel fence, steel palisade, razor mesh and more.

    High Security Anti Climb Razor Spikes for Perimeter Fence, Wall and Pipes

    Razor spike is a blade type metal security razor strips designed for fitting onto narrow surfaces such as fencing rails or building walls. The blade spike will strengthen or upgrade the security rating mounted on existing walls, roofs, top of wire mesh fences.

    Anti Climb Razor Spikes Fence Tops

    The razor barbed spikes have three dimensional designs offering superior excellent physical and psychological fencing and safety systems. The anti climbing razors are heavily ribbed for added strength, hot dip galvanized against corrosion, easy to install and require no maintenance. The products can form great security systems with gates and fences. Used in residential, commercial, industrial, military and high security projects.

    Hot-dipped galvanized steel sheet;
    PVC Coated galvanised;
    Stainless steel AISI430 and AISI304.

    Perimeter Fencing TopsGalvanized Razor Fencing Spikes, hot dip galvanized finish, in 1.45m length, installed along top rails of metal fence panels.

    The lengths come in 1.45 metre & 1.8 metre and can be cut to perimeter length.


    Anti Climbing Steel Fence Tops6cm High Blade Razor Spike installed along welded mesh fence, supported with steel tubes.


    Low cost, high protective ability;
    Virtually impossible to climb over;
    Heavily ribbed for strength;
    Galvanized against corrosion;
    Powder coating optional;
    Easy to Install;
    Maintenance free;
    Suitable for various fence panels.

    Razor Fencing Spikes Specifications:

    Plate Thickness 0.8 - 2 mm Toughened Steel
    Coating Options Hot Dipped Galvanised. Powder Coating optional extra
    Razor / Barb Length 64mm to 100 mm
    Standard Length Of Spike Rail 1.45 m / 1.8 m. Or, 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m
    Spikes per Meter 20
    Packing 10 Units Inside one Cardboard Box

    U Razor Channels

    Razor Channels for Perimeter Wall SecurityHot dip galvanized U type spikes
    Length: 1.5m
    Plate thickness: 2.0mm
    Bottom width: 50mm
    Spike spacing: 90mm
    Unit weight: 3.0kg
    Spike height: front: 50mm; rear: 80mm
    PVC coating available in various colors.

    Anti Theft Razor Spikes for Pipes / Poles in Residential Buildings

    Two types: flat and curved round.

    Curved Razor Spike Cylinders for Pipes WrappingThe anti climbing barbed spikes are arranged around the outer pipes / poles / cables, or on wall railings, windows, against burglary and theft.

    Where Security Spikes Are Used

    Affix to the top rail and post of various fence panels: welded mesh, steel palisade, chain link and various mesh fences to prevent climbing and bird perching;
    Gates + Fences;
    Precast walling;
    Upgrade electric fences by fitting SS Blade under the fence;
    Residential walls, windows and water pipes.

    1.45 m length security spike rails / strips fixed on metal tube railings.

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