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  • Anaya Products Secure Most Perimeters

    Security Fencing Tops and Deterrents: Anti climb spikes, cost effective barrier for fences, walls, roofs and fencing gates;

    Fencing Panels: Welded mesh, chain link fence, expanded steel fence, steel palisade, razor mesh and more.

    High Security Fence Spikes

    Blade razor spike is an anti-climb metal strips designed for fences and walls. Fitted for narrow surfaces such as fencing rails or building walls, railwater pipes....Learn More

    Wall Spikes for European Market

    Shark Tooth Wall Spike

    High Security topping to: * Existing brick walls * Concrete walls * Pre-cast walls * Wall extension panels * Palisade Fences * Gates * Air conditioning panels* Window sills * etc.
    Easy to install (with 3 bolts or screws) 
    Fully galvanized (for long lasting corrosion protection) 
    Inexpensive*....Learn More

    Barbed Nail

    Galvanzied Barbed Nails are widely used in gardens, factories, airports, military defence and other wall protection. In order to play a protective role, the screw can be fixed to the wall with the expansion head or metal fence.....Learn More

    Blunt Tip Wall Spike Strips

    Can withstand extreme temperatures and may be painted to decorative colors....Learn More

    Pin Point Galvanized Wall Spikes

    Galvanised Wall Spikes / Bird Spikes

    Ideal for protecting Low Roofs, Walls, Fence Toppings, Schools, Medical Centers and Public Buildings.

    We supply Less Agressive Light Type Galvanized Wall Spikes with Pin Point and Razor Type Wall Spikes. The wall spikes enable bird scaring and proofing for castles in addition to security fencing functions.....Learn More

    Anti-Roosting Pigeon Spikes, Small Animal Repellent

    Stainless Steel Bird Control Spike / Pigeon Deterrents

    Bird spikes have proven to be the most effective reliable and humane bird control for all bird species. It is easy to be installed along the walls and roofing. Bird deterrents & repellent series products are used for pigeon control, crow control, seagull control, mice & rats control, squirrel control, cat control, ferrets control, mink control, feral dog control, raccoon control, fox control, hare control and pest animal control......Learn More

    Plastic Wall / Bird Spike

    1.Fix on top of walls, gates and fences to deter intruders and unwanted pests. 
    2.Rows of tough polypropylene pointed cones at varied height for maximum discomfort. 
    3.UV weather resistant. 
    4.Fix with nails, screws or adhesive.....Learn More

    Powder Coated and Galvanised Barbed Wire

    Five varieties:
    Electro galvanized;
    Hot-dip zinc-plating;
    PVC coate;
    PE coated;
    Stainless steel barbed wire.....Learn More

    Razor Ribbons, Coils, Tapes

    We manufacture razor wire tapes mainly from Galvanized & Stainless Steel materials. The loops are normally not clipped together in concertina fashion. This allows the razor wire coil to be installed in any distance between loops....Learn More

    Chain Link Fence, Perimeter Fence

    High security chain link fence is made with PVC coated or galvanized chain link mesh, also razor wire to reinforce the security.

    The powder coated steel fence chain link netting is supplied with posts, caps, top rails, tubular line posts and gates with the same treatment.....Learn More

    Palisade Post Railings and Fences

    Powder Coated Steel Palisade Fence

    Palisade fence is used mainly for perimeter security. The pales are made of hot formed and cold rolled steel belts.These belts offer both strength and rigidity combined with a long life span. Three types of pales, "W" profile, "D" profile and angle iron : ....Learn More

    Welded Mesh Panels in Close Opening 358 Structure

    Modular Welded Mesh Fence

    358 type welded mesh fence is extremely difficult to penetrate: the small mesh aperture is effectively finger proof, and extremely difficult to attack using conventional hand tools.

    '358' comes from its measurements 3" x 0.5" x 8 gauge which equates to approx. 76.2mm x 12.7mm x 4mm in metric. ....Learn More

    Powder Painted Razor Wire Welded Panels

    Flat Razor Mesh Fencing Panels

    Welded razor wire mesh is a rigid flat sheet welded into Diamond, Rectangular and Square Holes.

    1.hot galvanized sheet and stainless steel sheet 304....Learn More

    Expanded Metal Fence Gate + Fence Spike

    We supply expanded metal fence gates with optional anti bird razor spike tops.. .....Learn More

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